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Avalon Estate – Urban living concept ready for the future

Avalon Estate – Urban living concept ready for the future
October 25, 2023

The demands of urban life require architectural concepts to adapt to the lifestyles of city dwellers. From accessibility to the facilities included or located nearby, everything is focused on a few main ideas: maximum comfort and security in a context that provides accessibility both in terms of location and access to essential services.

In recent years, sustainability has become increasingly important. So has the development of complex, sustainable residential complexes that are oriented towards the advantages offered by a more natural environment.

For residents of large cities, the most common way of living is in condominiums – buildings that contain multiple types of urban dwellings, from studio apartments to 4 or 5-bedroom apartments. And many of the condominiums built in the last few decades have a high-rise design and very few common spaces that can truly serve social life.

On the other hand, the balance between natural spaces and built-up areas has been lost over the years, starting from the communist period, when the capital underwent major changes.

Current global recommendations, which have also generated some legislative changes regarding urban development (including in Romania), focus on the redefinition of urban spaces. There is a need for more and more projects that prioritize natural spaces, areas for relaxation and socialization, and the limitation of car traffic.
The urban living concept at the heart of the Avalon Estate design respects all of these principles and proposes a unique lifestyle. The complex presents a harmonious mix of urban apartments, Dutch-inspired townhouses, and a villa area – all integrated into a space where the park, gardens, pedestrian walkways and common facilities complement each other both in appearance and functionality.

We wanted to avoid overcrowding the space and reserve as much space as possible for relaxation in nature. That’s why the buildings in the complex have a low-rise design, and we have placed a great deal of importance on green spaces and landscaping.

Everything was created with a unique stamp, from the architecture by ADN BA to the landscaping by Beros Abdul+.
But what makes this residential complex an urban living concept ready for the future is that it was created to successfully adapt to both current and future demands. Built responsibly and prepared to accommodate generations to come, Avalon Estate is destined to truly become a safe place to “escape” from the urban congestion we have become accustomed to, a place you can wholeheartedly call “home”.

Key Features:

  • Mix of urban apartments, townhouses, and villas
  • Extensive green spaces and landscaping
  • Pedestrian-friendly design
  • Limited car traffic
  • High-quality construction and finishes
  • Sustainable features


  • Comfortable and secure living environment
  • Close to nature
  • Easy access to amenities
  • Sense of community

Experience a lifestyle designed for comfort, security, and connection with nature. Choose Avalon Estate!


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