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Silk District Office achieves one of the highest BREEAM Outstanding scores for design!

Silk District Office achieves one of the highest BREEAM Outstanding scores for design!
November 25, 2023

BREEAM Outstanding is considered the most rigorous building standard worldwide and Silk District Office achieved an impressive 93.7% in the BREEAM Outstanding design assessment. The percentage represents one of the highest certification levels achieved in Romania to date and the highest score achieved by a building in 2023 for BREEAM standards. The evaluation highlighted the balance between the creative approach to sustainability and the use of high-quality technologies, both anchored in the design concept.
BREEAM classification
There are currently 6 different levels of BREEAM certification.

“Outstanding” (score ≥ 85%) is the highest level and “Pass” (score ≥ 30%) is the lowest:

Outstanding ≥ 85%
Excellent ≥ 70%
Very Good ≥ 55%
Good ≥ 45%
Pass (Sufficient) ≥ 30%
Unclassified < 30%

Silk District Office – BREEAM Outstanding, Design Stage: 93.7%


BREEAM Outstanding is considered the most rigorous building standard worldwide. BREEAM Outstanding certification is awarded to buildings that exceed 85% in the comprehensive assessment of how they were designed and built. This recognition reflects not only the quality of the construction, but also the adaptability of the building to meet the needs of the users. These include energy efficiency, water use and indoor air quality.

The assessment carried out by BuildGreen, the first company in Romania that offered consulting services for sustainable buildings and certification, places the Silk District Office project among the best performing office buildings at the national level.

By applying BREEAM from the outset and carefully planning every step, especially in the Design phase, Silk District Office achieved a superior level of 93.7%, which places the project among the top, one of the highest certification levels obtained so far in Romania. Achieving such a high level of certification demonstrates that at the core of the Silk project lies a creative approach to sustainability, high-quality technologies and design concepts.

The main strengths of the Silk District Office project
Three main elements have been pursued since the project was planned. The way in which they were conceived and put into practice had a key contribution in achieving the BREEAM Outstanding certification at the design stage.

BREEAM standards integrated from the start
For Silk Office District, this was a major key element. The design team ensured that both BREEAM and other current standards were integrated into the specifications submitted to the subcontractors. This guaranteed that all the necessary conditions to obtain the proposed classification would be met.

Adoption of smart technologies
An outstanding building must align design with technology, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. Renewable technologies such as photovoltaic panels and rainwater collection systems, which will be reused in irrigation for green spaces. Also, to ensure that the needs of the users are met, the building is monitored in detail, including with the help of video surveillance cameras and fire sensors. This allows small adjustments to building systems to meet user needs while maximizing efficiency.

Functionality and comfort for occupants
The building uses smart technology to control the environment. For example, the temperature is regulated according to certain standards, but tenants will be able to change the settings if necessary. Natural lighting is mandatory for BREEAM certification and encourages the installation of tall windows, which allow natural light to enter the building. Natural light has the effect of improving the well-being of the occupants, stimulating productivity and reducing energy consumption for artificial lighting.

Overall, both the indoor work environment and the integrated facilities, along with the outdoor landscaping will be more comfortable and pleasant for the office tenants.

This BREEAM Outstanding design certification reconfirms the quality of our project and the fact that Silk District Office is on its way to becoming one of the reference office buildings for the city of Iasi. We are both proud and eager for these office spaces to be enlivened by the people who are putting their shoulders to the business development of the future.


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