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Double Studio

Available from € 73,000 + VAT

Garden or view?

Choose from the 2 double studio options:

  • on the ground floor with a private garden;
  • upstairs with balcony.
Generous and flexible space.

Pleiades Residence offers you 2 distinct types of double studios in Phase 1.

  • Usable surfaces up to 46.7 m², for arranging the rooms according to your needs
  • Balcony up to 13.73 m² or private garden up to 42.75 m², for relaxation and fresh air at any time of the day
  • Intelligent separation of day and night areas for a quiet and organized lifestyle
  • Premium finishes, for added comfort and energy efficiency
  • Heating by radiators with central heating installed on each building, for cold days
  • Large 2.20 m high windows that provide natural light throughout the day
  • Free height of the rooms of 2.70 m
Photo: Pleiades Residence
Photo: Pleiades Residence

The double studios in Pleiades Residence offer an ideal combination of optimised space, modern design and energy efficiency, being an excellent option for those who want a comfortable and elegant home.

Choose the double studio that suits you!

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