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3-room Apartments

Discover our new exclusive apartments.

Available in Phases 1, 2 and 3 from € 130,146 + VAT

Space and comfort as you desire.

Choose from the 3 variants of 3-room apartments in the Silk District:

  • Ground floor with garden
  • Upstairs with balcony
  • Upstairs with loggia
Discover all the benefits of 3-room apartments

Whatever your plans, ample storage spaces, smart compartmentalisation and modern design are the ideal combination for a long-term home.

Here are the advantages of 3-room apartments in Silk District:

  • Internal useful surfaces of up to 78 m2
  • Access to balcony, terrace and/or private garden with areas up to 46.9 m2
  • Ample storage spaces
  • They are well soundproofed and thermally insulated, for quietness and low energy consumption
  • They are the most spacious in Iasi: they have a height of 2.80m and windows 2.30m high
  • You can choose between a single-level apartment or a duplex apartment
Photo: Silk District
Photo: Silk District

Whether you choose a ground-floor apartment, with a private garden, or a top-floor one, with stunning views over the city, our 3-room Apartments are the  perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

3-room Apartments

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