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Discover our stock of exclusive Duplex Apartments.

Available in Phases 1 and 2 from € 135,170+VAT

For a serene modern life.

Duplex apartments in the Silk District are compartmentalised so that each member of your family enjoys autonomy, space and privacy.
In addition, the view of the city is a great source of energy and relaxation!

Choose the combination that suits your lifestyle:

  • The duplex apartments can be 3 or 4 rooms, arranged on the last 2 levels of the buildings, for spectacular views.
  • Generous useful surfaces, from 66 m² to 112 m², for arranging rooms according to preferences and needs.
  • Terraces from 14 m² to 35 m², for outdoor relaxation at any time of the day.
The benefits of a high-rise apartment

Generous surfaces with a clean design, feel that everything is airy.

The height of the rooms is 2.80 m, without visible pillars or beams, for a functional and aesthetic interior design.

The 2.30 m high windows provide natural light throughout the day.

Photo: Silk District
Rendering: Silk District

Tailored for extended families, our duplexes provide spacious and airy environments for a delightful living experience.


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