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What is FlexAssist?​

FlexAssist is an unique, long-term flexible help-to-buy programme, exclusive to our customers.

Is FlexAssist the right solution for you?

  • Do you dream of living in our unique projects?
  • Are you a young professional with a bright future?
  • Do you need time to secure the minimum mortgage down payment ?
  • Do you receive income not considered by traditional financial institutions, such as dividends or income from abroad?

FlexAssist can meet your housing needs in the medium to long term, offering the opportunity to inhabit a property that, after initially renting for three years, can become yours!

How FlexAssist works​.

To access the Prime Kapital’s long-term acquisition programme, once you have identified your property, you must:

  • Enter a Pre-sale Purchase Agreement, with a minimum down payment of 10% and transfer of title at the start of the third year after moving in.
  • Enter into a Rental Agreement for a minimum of three years allowing you to move into upon completion.
  • Monthly payments start from the moving in date and you benefit from a discount for each one.

After renting for three years, you may choose to extend the Rental Agreement for up to fifteen years, or pay off the remaining balance as follows:

Own resources
Bank loan
By requesting a loan from the developer
This product is available only to individuals who pay a minimum down payment of 10% for a residential unit developed by Prime Kapital and use the it as their main residence.
Why FlexAssist?​

FlexAssist guarantees the right to purchase the apartment within a maximum of fifteen years of moving in, at the price set in the Pre-sale Purchase Agreement, and offers you the following advantages:

Three years after and prior to fifteen years following completion, the purchase can be finalised whenever you want without additional costs, subject to the agreed terms.
You can supplement the down payment without additional costs, providing you the opportunity to buy the property sooner, benefitting from larger price reductions offered by the developer.
You choose how you want to pay: own resources, bank loan or a loan from the developer.
Need financing?


We provide our buyers with a free of charge credit brokerage service.

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