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At Prime Kapital, we believe in enhancing your life with premium products and services. When you sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement, you’ll receive the VIP card, a special welcome gift from us.

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Find out how the VIP Card works, explore our partner’s locations, and take advantage of the most enticing offers.

As a Prime Kapital Club VIP member, you’ll enjoy exclusive prices and discounts when purchasing products and services from our extensive partner network.​

Seamless Access to
exclusive offers​.

Simply present your VIP Card at our partners’ shops and locations to access exclusive deals.

We understand the importance of quickly and efficiently integrating your old and new lifestyles, so we’ve partnered with a wide range of suppliers across various industries.

Enjoy discounts on various products and services​.

With the VIP CARD, our clients gain access to discounts from our partners for a variety of products and services, including:​

  • Interior design
  • Shopping
  • Health
  • Wellness & Beauty
  • Education
  • Pet Care
Please note that this exclusive product is available solely to Prime Kapital’s residential clients who are buying a home in one of our projects.​
Interior design
Wellness & Beauty
Aerolith Stone Specialists
DISCOUNT 15%in stores
Custom-made quartz countertops for kitchen and bathroom.
DISCOUNT 12%in stores
Wide range of premium furniture and accessories for a dream home.
Byteo.design by Teodora Constantinescu
Interior design
DISCOUNT 15%in stores
We decorate windows and tell stories!
Decora House
DISCOUNT 10%in stores and online
Washable and decorative paint, wallpaper, decorative profiles.
DISCOUNT 10%in stores
Sofas, corners and armchairs with innovative and versatile design, made in Romania.
DISCOUNT 12%in stores
1 bed... 1000 possibilities. 50 years of tradition in modular furniture for children.
Kuxa Studio
DISCOUNT 20%in stores
Design and functionality for complete kitchen solutions.
Nolte Home Studio
DISCOUNT 35%in stores and online
German kitchen furniture, Nolte Küchen, the number 1 brand of German kitchens in style and utility.
DISCOUNT 10-15%in Bucharest and Ploiesti stores
Curtains, curtains, blinds, blinds and the whole range of accessories and fastening systems!
placări-pereți.ro by REDLINE
Rifled, decorative panels, partition walls, premium interior design solutions.
Rives Colors & Decorations
DISCOUNT 20%in stores
Innovative, high-quality paints and decorative textures.
Simmons Boutique România
DISCOUNT 15%in stores
Mattresses, bed frames, and bedding accessories inspired by luxury hotels.
DISCOUNT 12%in stores
Freedom Begins at Home. Furniture, decorations and finishes for the whole family.
DISCOUNT 10-25%in stores/span>
Premium wallpaper, Hand-drawn or Digital.
Lalia Flowers
Floral arrangements for home & events.
Petit Bebe
DISCOUNT 10% in stores
Everything for your baby!
DISCOUNT 10% in online shops
Personalized premium gourmet gifts.
Zora Bakery
DISCOUNT 10% in stores
Artisanal products made just like home!
The Emerald Medical Centre
DISCOUNT 5%on consultations and investigations
Premium Advanced Cardio-Neuro Diagnostic Medical Centre (Imaging, Genetic)
Imperial Dent
FREEUltrasonic tartar removal and brushingDISCOUNT 20%for other services
The Perfect Smile Dental Clinic
Claddagh Beauty
DISCOUNT 10%for body remodeling procedures
Wide range of beauty services for moments of pampering!
International British School of Bucharest
Excellent academic standing.
Offers are subject to partner conditions and may undergo changes until presentation of the VIP CARD at the relevants store. Prime Kapital recommends verifying the validity of offers and conditions with the partner prior to purchasing or contracting services from them. Prime Kapital do not assume responsibility for services not rendered or improperly rendered by partners in connection with the presented offers.
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